Economical, environmental,
and social.

Our greatest responsibilities are sustainability and social responsibility.
 The 3 pillars of economy, ecology, and society are crucial factors in our work.

The Uhlhorn Group prioritizes environmentally sound planning. Possible synergies of various supply chains and means of transportation are coordinated perfectly.

The gradual conversion to Euro 6 vehicles (already a share of 35%) and the avoidance of empty trips contribute to a sustainable reduction of CO2-emissions.

Our own washing bays, equipped in line with the latest environmental regulations, ideally operate without the addition of any chemicals.

Using renewable energy is another way we save resources. At the beginning of 2014, our currently largest photovoltaic plant was put into operation at our Bremen location. The total energy requirement, including that of a 9,000 m² warehouse, is met by this system.

Plant capacity: 462,100 kWp

Annual output: approx. 378.922 kWh (820 kWh/kWp)

CO2 avoided: approx. 265,2 tons per year

Our employees receive ongoing training in driving safety, transporting hazardous goods, and eco-driving. We collaborate closely with the SVG Bremen eG. We can thus proudly say that the fuel consumption was progressively reduced in the last 5 years.

Individual trainings to increase expertise are also offered in the business sector. A pleasant social climate attests to our efforts.

Of course, we offer professional training in the relevant professions in our industry at our various locations.


Since 1999, Uhlhorn has been a partner of World Vision Deutschland e. V. We support World Vision in the form of child sponsorships and other financial contributions (for example, to school projects).

Since 2002, we have been a close partner of the phönikks foundation in Hamburg, which helps young families with children with cancer and provides free psychological counseling and psychotherapeutic support; a project that we are happy to back with our commitment and finances.