We organize your transports

Whether 3 pallets of packaging materials from Germany to England, 600 fully assembled cardboard displays just in time for food retailing, or a full truck load from Hamburg to Düsseldorf, temperature-controlled, bulky, or hazardous - we are ready. In the area of part and full loads as well as special transports, we rely on our large fleet to ensure the transport of the goods entrusted to us. Our fleet currently consists of 420 tractors and more than 460 semitrailers/trailers and various installed equipment. Cooperation with long-term partners in a cost-effective network allows us to provide you with effective and efficient solutions.

  • 420  of our own vehicles
  • 900 vehicles at our disposal
  • Combined land/rail and sea transports
  • Air transport

Every day, we face the challenge of connecting various stages of a transport chain in a highly professional, fast, reliable, and cost-effective manner. Challenge us!

  • Nutzen Sie unser europaweit agierendes Partnernetzwerk mittelständischer Speditionen. Uhlhorn ist Systempartner und Aktionär der Dialog AG.

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Uhlhorn GmbH & Co. KG

Herr Sebastian Uhlhorn

Herr Robert Benike


Phone: +49 4243 304-1

Fax: +49 4243 304-204



Mail: twistringen@uhlhorn.de